Keren Albala

Keren Albala is an animator, digital artist and independent filmmaker working in Los Angeles, CA. Her work has screened at aquariums, classrooms and film festivals worldwide. In her spare time she plays in a ukulele orchestra and collects high fives. Explore her work here.

Chris Baily

Chris Baily’s work is a meditation on the passage of time - he uses the slow process of painting to capture fleeting moments that we normally experience with our naked eye or the snap of a camera phone. In his video painting, he uses the real time quickness of video to evoke the stillness of a moment in a seemingly calm landscape. Baily’s work is also an investigation into powerful human emotions like love, loss, anxiety, wonder and depression. His goal is to use the familiar and beautiful to draw the viewer into a conversation about finding balance and joy within the chaos of modern life. Certain motifs reoccur: migrating birds, wind passing through trees, transitory clouds, ocean waves. They are indicators of time passing, a visual metronome that marks our shared reality. Comprised of looped videos projected onto painted canvas, the video installations take the investigation of stillness, silence and beauty and add moving components. By capturing subtle movements on film and playing them back on his inert painting, Baily is able to achieve an uncanny likeness to the visceral experience of being in a particular moment in nature. For Baily, this is the true definition of depicting stillness: the feeling of time passing while the world remains static. See his work here.

Kaethe Butcher

Kaethe is an illustrator based in London. She loves to draw lovely girls. Explore her work here.

Tyson Damman

Tyson is an illustrator, an interactive design director and a singer/songwriter based in Chicago. 

Alexandra Dvornikova

Alexandra Dvornikova is an independent artist and printmaker who lives in Saint Petersburg. She studied at the Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, printmaking technology and graphics department. She's the co-founderof Printenstein, a small linocut workshop. Explore her work here.

Daria Golab

Daria is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Poland, focusing mainly on portraits and illustrations capturing the relationship between human and nature. Explore her work here.

Travis Nichols

Travis is an author and illustrator of books and comics for kids and post-kids. His books have been published by Chronicle, Penguin Random House, Macmillan, and Viz. He's written and illustrated comics for SpongeBob SquarePants, Uglydoll, and Hello Kitty. He also runs More Lies Publishing, where he puts out stories and supplies and The Heckadeck. Explore his work here.

Leslie Ann O'Dell

Leslie Ann O'Dell is a contemporary artist who works in photography, fine art, and digital media. "O’Dell’s work is comprised of haunting imagery.. Ranging from dark imposing landscapes to mystifying portraitures, that evoke sensations of vulnerability, demise and the fear associated with such sentiments." - SHK Magazine. Explore her work here.

Keith Pfeiffer

Keith is a freelance Illustrator in Richmond, VA. Explore his work here.

Lucie Salgado

Being an artist is the closest there is to being a child. It’s all about discovery. Making mistakes. Both children and artists thrive from exploring the unknown, and experimenting with all there is. Both are allowed to be foolish, curious, and stubborn. If we’re told we shouldn’t mix wet and dry media, we’ll just go home and deliberately put the two together, and maybe even add some oils, just to sit and watch the chaos, eager to see what unexpected results these so-called forbidden acts hold. This is what I live for. Explore her work here.

James Sheridan

James is an artist/illustrator from Dublin, Ireland via New York. Explore his work here.